Life coaching (ENG)

Life coaching  is a new approach to the development and improvement of an individual that is becoming more and more popular in the West, and lately in our country. As it is in sports for top results it is necessary to have a trainer, it is the same in life, we sometimes need support and guidance from outside in order to achieve the goals we have set up for ourselves , fulfill certain desires, or simply bring into balance the four basic aspects of our life (business, family , personal and spiritual).

People usually turn to a Life Coach in periods when for some reason they do not have enough confidence, when they fall into the circumstances  from which they seem to be unable to get out easily, when it seems to them that the task that stands before them goes beyond their abilities. The LIFE COACH uses the knowledge and experience acquired through their own training and practical work to guide the client in the best way, support them in order to achieve them goal in the most efficient way. Addressing a Life Coach to achieve a certain goal in life or to solve a problem is so normal, natural and necessary, for example, already mentioned addressing sports coach, teacher of music, foreign language, etc. if we want to learn or achieve good results in a particular field. Many successful people in various areas of life used the services of the Life Coach.

A Life Coach is obliged to go through appropriate training and complete one of the existing coaching skills schools, which is confirmed by an appropriate diploma, which can serve as a guarantee to the client for a qualified person.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the skill of coaching is not the same as psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is applied in case of serious psychological problems and implies a completely different level and mode of work.