Bach drops

Bach’s drops, or Bach’s flower essences, are medicinal remedies developed by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician, after a life-threatening and dangerous illness that he himself experienced. On the basis of what he personally experienced and profound and long-lasting contemplations afterwards, he came to the conclusion that dissatisfaction and illness comes from the removal of man from his own nature, from what he really is. When we live the way we are expected, it can often be contrary to ourselves, with our authentic “I”. As a consequence, there is a mental disharmony, and then a physical illness. That is why the main task of the therapist is to help the patient to establish the harmony in himself.

So Dr. Bach’s medical approach starts from the assumption that the real cause of the disease is caused by a conflict of emotional or spiritual nature deep within our being. That is why the basic function of his floral essences is to help establish an emotional balance above all. Therefore, the Bach preparations are divided into seven groups, each alleviating a certain category of negative feelings: fears, insecurity, loneliness, lack of spirit, hypersensitivity, depression /indisposition, excessive desire to control others.

Bach flower essences can be used therapeutically in the treatment of certain diseases. They have no known contraindications, they have no undesired side effects and are effective in alleviating and eliminating emotional and physical problems. They can be used in conjunction with all other types of drugs. Some of them can also be used as first aid. The most commonly used are so called “Rescue remedy” that is used when we are exposed to great stress and help to neutralize its harmful effects on the body.