Jelena Stijak-biography


Jelena Stijak, a graduate psychologist, life couch, homeopath.

Experience in homeopathy, psychological counseling, education and coaching. In her professional career, she works with all age groups in the field of psychosomatic disorders (allergies, headaches, thyroid gland disorders, digestive problems) by resolving symptoms such as insomnia, lack of energy, concentration, communication problems, depression, etc.

Jelena Stijak  fosters a holistic approach, and the list of problems can not be restricted, because she looks at every person as a whole, whether the current affliction is at the level of mental, emotional, spiritual or physical functioning.

Experience in counseling and homeopathy through Skype (SKYPE) with clients from the country and abroad.

Work experience

Private therapeutic and counseling practice.

Lecturer and mentor in clinical work at the homeopathic school “Simillimum”

Secretary of the Association and organizer of seminars of eminent visiting lecturers from abroad in the field of homeopathy

Creation of homeopathic preparations for home use

Workshops on the topic of group work, conflict resolution in a group, assertiveness, non-verbal communication, life vision, etc.

Education and education

London International College for Homeopathy

University Singidunum, Faculty of Media and Communication, Department of Psychology

Homeopathic Center “Simillimum”, specialist course

Continuing education: Psychological advisor Life couching clearing method

Education for Developmental Skills Trainers

Education for the interpretation of dreams by Jung’s analysis

Training EFT methods

Practitioner of Bach’s floral therapy I degree

Supervision in homeopathy

Currently, at a four-year training for a physical psychotherapist.