Quantum analyzer

Quantum analyzers are the latest generation of electronic appliances that collect relevant health information measuring the electric and magnetic fields of human cells. Electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the human body represent a certain state of the organism; Different electromagnetic waves emitted by the organism may indicate different conditions such as health, sub-health (unmet disease), illness, etc. This appliance can be of great help to practitioners of homeopathy, Bach’s floral therapy and others, because it can point to the onset of a medical disorder before it is displayed in laboratory findings. Somethimes  a person may  feel bad, or as if something is wrong, and this does not appear in laboratory findings. Each quantum analyzer is also supplied with appropriate advanced software that translates the obtained results of the measurement of electrical and magnetic indicators into appropriate information about health problems and disorders.

In comparison to classical diagnostics, the quantum analyzer is simpler. Firstly, it is completely non-invasive (i.e. it does not carry any risk for the examined person), it is only necessary that the respondent keeps the sensor in his hand for a certain period of time. Second, it’s very fast, testing takes a few minutes. Thirdly, it provides comprehensive information that would otherwise require a whole set of individual, often rather expensive lab tests. It should be kept in mind that the quantum analyzer cannot be a substitute for complete laboratory and clinical diagnostics.

However, the quantum analyzer can provide very useful information on the basis of which the respondent may request an appropriate detailed medical or laboratory examination.